Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ESG is at the heart of building a more resilient world. Aside from helping to address global inequality, sustainability can drive business success.

A strong ESG focus not only drives more sustainable, fair, and community-minded enterprises but is also good for the bottom line. Research demonstrates that companies with strong ESG programs favorably influence brand, purchasing preferences, candidate recruitment, and long-term employee retention.

We believe the transformative power of technology is the key to an even better future for all – a smarter economy, a healthier planet, diverse and inclusive communities, and a broader path to prosperity.


Climate risk and social risk dominate top risks for many industries
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According to PWC, only 25% of Board Directors have a confident understanding of climate risks
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61% of enterprises are early in their ESG journey
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65% of risk and resiliency teams have been asked to lead ESG efforts for their organizations

ESG looks different at every organization. Achieve resiliency in the context of accelerating environmental, social, and governance impacts with Fusion’s flexible and integrated suite of platform capabilities that help you sense, prevent, prepare, respond, test, and adapt over time.


Understand and map how your critical services and products are delivered, end-to-end


Leverage objective risk insights that help you audit and analyze where your operations may be vulnerable to ESG-related risks and disruption

Prevent & Prepare

Prepare, orchestrate, and measure ESG-related risk and resilience activities with confidence


Test your firm’s ability to withstand severe but plausible impacts related to climate, social, and governance related disruption


Orchestrate a confident response, leveraging real-time intelligence automation to drive proactive and predictive response


Observe the impact of changes and adapt your response over time

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Leverage new risk integrations, scenario modeling, and role-based experiences to:

  • collaborate on ESG scenarios virtually,
  • intake situational intelligence and simulate conditions quickly,
  • understand what-if scenarios clearly,
  • predict results more accurately,
  • and provide the playbooks to respond.
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Ensure your vendors are managing to the same ESG standards you set for your organization by leveraging Fusion’s assessment and collaboration tools:

  • Take a proactive approach by providing real-time insight into climate, social, or governance risk
  • Manage third parties as a natural extension of your crisis and incident response
  • Leverage Key Indicators to continuously track the most important risk and performance metrics
  • Surface key ESG risk metrics for the vendors which are most critical to your operational landscape
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Test your response and manage your exposure:

  • Define important business services and map dependencies
  • Specify assets lost as part of severe but plausible scenarios
  • Find and surface recovery gaps derived from those dependencies in your information foundation
  • Initiate workflows to address the gaps for stronger resilience and better compliance