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Risk Management Software

Every member of your team is a risk manager

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Keep All Your Data and Dots Connected

Risk is uncertainty that matters.

Risk is not only about preventing potential problems but also about finding potential benefits – things that might save time, money, improve compliance, bolster quality of experience for our customers, or create value for our shareholders – if they happened.

Keep track of all of the moving parts and help your team work together on the things that matter.

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A Customer-focused View of Every Situation

When it comes to keeping your business in business, every second counts.

Analyze risk and proactively manage how it impacts your ability to deliver critical products and services. Map the relationships between risks across your people, processes, places, systems, and third parties.

In great uncertainty, leverage effortless visibility and intelligent focus in one solution that is purpose-built to manage risk.

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Agility at Your Fingertips

To manage risks, we need to see them. Fusion instantly connects your team with the risk insights they need to capture opportunities and diffuse threats, when they need them.

Identify threats and make things right before they escalate, resulting in less disruption for your customers with less work for your team.

Automate the busywork and improve cross-functional alignment – no meetings required.

Risk Management Feature List

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Risk Program Management

Establish a common language with a comprehensive risk register and controls taxonomy.

Situational Monitoring and Risk Analysis

Provide real-time visibility into risk, efficiencies, and opportunities.

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Risk Tolerance and Appetite

Set the guardrails and signal when you are approaching impact tolerances.

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Risk Mitigation and Control Management

Monitor risk trends, connect to policy, and fuel a more risk-aware culture.

Strategic and Performance Risk

Protect your customers and shareholders with personalized decision-making experiences from the front line to the boardroom.

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Risk Remediation, Testing, and Quality Management

Track control testing, risk response, and assessment status. Anticipate, detect, log, and monitor issues.

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