Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Third-Party Risk Management Software

You are in good company. Eliminate the hassle and work seamlessly with your third parties to sense risk and mitigate disruption.

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Manage the Vendor Lifecycle

Enlisting a third party to help deliver your products and services doesn’t mean you’re outsourcing the risks involved.

Fusion enables organizations to examine the health of their vendor ecosystem throughout the full lifecycle – from initial vetting, onboarding workflows, ongoing real-time risk sensing, and end-to-end scenario testing.

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Know Your Ecosystem Risk

Fusion watches for early signals of trouble in your ecosystem, ensuring that your strategic vendors (and their partners) are taking the proper steps to mitigate risk, reducing friction and delivering extraordinary experiences for your customers.

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Everyone is a Risk Manager − Including Your Third Parties

Community Connector, Fusion’s digital space for collaboration with partners, engages your third parties with insights and experiences that make managing risk easy.

With full operational context at their fingertips in one shared space, your extended team is empowered to keep disruption at bay.

Third-Party Risk Management Feature List

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Due Diligence

Evaluate vendor criticality and prepare streamlined projects to engage your third parties by leveraging Fusion’s digital self-service portal.

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Contract Management

Improve oversight and continuous tracking of critical contract details by using data, not documents.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor, anticipate, prepare, and react to your critical third parties by using real-time data and alerts.


Issue and Exception Management

Protect your organization, engage enterprise stakeholders, and reduce risk exposure by leveraging issue management to track third-party issues and exceptions.

Operational and Business Impact

Avoid disruption by determining which third parties may impact your core products and services.

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Offboarding and Termination

Leverage automated renewal and termination notices to ensure third parties are offboarded appropriately.

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