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Business Continuity Management

Understand how your business works and how it can bend but not break when faced with challenges – through a single lens.


Leader in BCM and Recognized in ITVRM


4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

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Leader in BCM and Recognized for GRC

Create clarity over chaos

Gain a clearer picture of your vulnerabilities and create dynamic business continuity programs.

Fusion Risk Management offers market-leading continuity and resiliency software, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and proactively manage risk.

The Fusion Framework® System™ enables your organization to adapt to evolving challenges and protects you from disruption, allowing you to resume critical business operations quicker than ever.

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Prepare for anything because you can’t plan for everything

Accelerate your path to building dynamic continuity and resiliency programs with Fusion’s flexible and integrated suite in the Fusion Framework System, while offering insights and personalized toolsets that help your organization truly understand external and organizational vulnerabilities.

“We’re using Fusion for so many things that were either manual or in a tool that didn’t fit our needs. We have gained so much automation and efficiency, and can now manage all our data in one place.”

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Solution area features

Build comprehensive and dynamic continuity programs with these key features:

Continuity planning and response

Sequence your actions based on dependency and what-if analysis, not static plans.

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Exercise Management

Evaluate your organization’s preparedness and response and improve systems and processes based on learnings.

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Risk and Impact Assessment

Simplify and scale business impact analyses with integrated real-time data from stakeholders across the organization.

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IT Disaster Recovery

Develop an agile approach that prepares you to adapt to evolving challenges, protects your organization from disruption, and enables you to resume critical operations quicker than ever.

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Dynamic response and recovery

Collect recovery strategies in real-time direct from process owners.

Dependency Mapping

Visualize upstream and downstream dependencies and gaps across the enterprise.

Community People

Join the ENGAGE Community

The Fusion ENGAGE Community brings clients and practitioners together to network, inspire, and promote strength in our global community.

“The Virtual Community Series provides a valuable forum to learn and share ideas, tips, and techniques with my peers and Fusion Risk Management leaders. They are a wonderful way to build win-win relationships with other Fusion users and are a highlight of my week!”

Marty Fox | Director Business Continuity Technology Solutions, Premier Beverage Distributor

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Create clarity out of chaos. Fusion enables your organizations to get a clear picture of your vulnerabilities.