Business Continuity Management Software

We do not know what lies around the bend, but with an agile approach we can address any situation.

Fusion embraces an integrated approach to business continuity management with a comprehensive scope of solutions encompassing IT disaster recovery, crisis and incident management, dependency mapping, and more.

Discover how our framework prepares you to adapt to evolving challenges, protects your organization from disruption, and enables you to resume critical operations quicker than ever.

business continuity management software
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business continuity management software

Keep Your Business in Business

Understand how your business works, how it can break, and what actions you can take to fix it.

By discovering how your organization really runs, you will be better prepared to uncover and remediate key risks, single points of failure, and inefficiencies before they escalate.  

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Integrate a Full Picture of Your Business Operations

Run the business. Protect the business. Change the business. Grow the business.

Take the grey out of your day-to-day business operations by leveraging the data, process, people, and systems you already have to create a single operating view of your entire organization. Surveys optional.

Business Continuity Feature List

Continuity Planning

Sequence your actions based on dependency and what-if analysis, not static plans.

Exercise Management

Evaluate your organization’s preparedness and response and improve systems and processes based on learnings.

Risk and Impact Assessment

Simplify and scale business impact analyses with integrated real-time data from stakeholders across the organization.

Impact Tolerances

Prioritize, set, and maintain impact tolerances and learn over time what your business can withstand or needs to address.

Context Mapping

Gain a deeper understanding of how you deliver your most important products and services.

Dependency Mapping

Visualize upstream and downstream dependencies and gaps across the enterprise.

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