Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Best practices for evaluating Business Continuity software

Posted on: November 16, 2023

Do you truly understand how to evaluate a business continuity solution to take your program to the next level? The world is increasingly chaotic and complex, and resilience has never been more important.

When chosen correctly, the right technology partner can act as a critical team member that enables personal and programmatic success. Conversely, the professional and organizational risk associated with the wrong selection can be detrimental. As budgets tighten and scrutiny increases, it’s important to articulate the value of your program and expected ROI/outcomes with software. In this webinar, Dan Jarva from Fusion Risk Management takes a deep dive into how industry-leading organizations evaluate selecting the appropriate partner to ensure programmatic success. Learn how to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the market that goes beyond the search for basic functionality and understand how the appropriate due diligence and informed decision-making processes can transform your continuity programs.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how to:

Evaluate the technology: Leverage a consideration blueprint to define technical requirements and enable a more thorough evaluation. Set criteria and challenge all vendors to meet your needs.

Look for community: Dan talks through the value of community and the importance of validating the community that comes along with a technology partner.

Understand stability: An often forgotten attribute when considering new technology partners, stability is one of the key qualifiers for software selection. With continuous changes over the last decade, it’s never been more important to understand whether a potential partner is positioned to support your success for the long haul.

You can also find the slides to this presentation here.