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Operational Resilience for Financial Services and Insurance

Leverage an integrated solution purpose-built to enable and empower resilience.

We’re ready when you are. Operational resilience is a journey, and Fusion has been helping customers define and reach their resilience vision for over 15 years.

Discover how our framework can cut your implementation time in half while engaging more of your firm in creating a more risk-aware and resilient culture.

Operational Resilience Framework

Jumpstart Your Operational Resilience Journey

The pace of change has never been this fast and unpredictable.

Uneven firm maturity, business complexity, accelerating technological change, expanding third-party ecosystems, and increasing regulatory attention and customer expectations are driving a need for operational resilience.

Identify your North Star and, in partnership with Fusion, create your path to resilience with a solution that meets you where you are and evolves with you. With data and intelligence at the core, sense emerging threats, capture opportunities, dynamically respond, and prove effectiveness.

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Imagine a Full Picture of Your Firm’s Operations, Made Actionable

Leading firms are leveraging technology-enabled operational resilience to build unstoppable services and achieve sustainable growth, bolstering customer and regulator confidence.

Whether you’re driven by best practice or regulatory requirements, leverage the strength of a flexible framework that codifies over 15 years of risk and resilience best practice. With risk, business continuity, IT disaster recovery, crisis management, and compliance capabilities integrated into your operational resilience framework, view your organization through a single pane of glass – mapping the interdependencies of important business services and controls to critical compliance objectives.

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Build a Customer-focused Firm That is Resilient by Design

Fusion’s financial services and insurance solutions support the Bank of England/PRA/FCA guidance through a community-designed platform that:

  • Maps all of your critical business services and identifies priorities of focus
  • Automates leading indicators of risk, sets your impact tolerances, and signals the team when change occurs that needs attention
  • Tests scenarios and response plans, helping your team understand dependencies and uncover gaps, mitigate threats, capture opportunities, and dynamically manage whatever disruption comes your way
  • Delivers personalized experiences to better engage the organization and allow for streamlined data collection and evidence gathering
  • Helps identify critical regulations and standards, populate control frameworks, manage changes to regulations, and seamlessly demonstrate compliance

Operational Resilience for Financial Services and Insurance Feature List

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Critical Business Services Identification and Process Mapping

Prioritize and visualize the business services and products that are critical to your customers.

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Define Impact Tolerances

Automate the enforcement of guardrails for your business operations by setting impact tolerances.

Scenario Design and Testing

Build your team’s confidence by testing your response under realistic conditions.

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Personalized Experiences to Drive Governance, Right-sized Policy, and Procedures

Drive resilience from the executive level and engage the entire firm.

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Insights and Change Management Tools

Empower your people with data like never before, with transformative insight that breaks down barriers, senses changes, and provides true operational agility.

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Maintain Control and Demonstrate Efficacy

Keep up with the rapidly evolving regulations and seamlessly demonstrate compliance to key stakeholders.

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