Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Introducing Fusion Resilience Copilot™

Your in-house Fusion expert, powered by generative AI and trained to simplify your processes

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Harness the power of Fusion expertise

Leverage years of boots-on-the-ground resilience and continuity experience offering best practice guidelines and expertise built-in to your solution, helping your team to strengthen your resilience posture.

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Supercharge your productivity

Simplify your complicated business processes, and automatically generate executive reporting. Expand your team with a Fusion taught AI-powered Analyst at your fingertips. Copilot will boost team engagement through user-guided support within the Fusion Framework® System™ to answer questions or make suggestions on a self-service basis.

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Gain even more valuable insights from your program performance

Amplify your dynamic scenario response evaluation with insightful data analysis. Fusion Copilot can quickly parse through your program data, assess relevant information, and provide its analysis and/or recommendations instantly, something that would take a client much longer to do.

Resilience Copilot™ Benefits

Identify Gaps

Based on best practices, more easily see where your program has gaps by asking questions, running analysis, and taking action.


Call Out Risks

Highlight areas of risk that may have been difficult to catch during manual review.

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Extract Key Information

Quickly parse data, assess relevant information, and provide analysis and/or recommendations.

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Generate Executive Summaries

Based on key information, for example of an incident, create drafts of reports and summaries.

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Perform Calculations

Time-saving computations at your fingertips, such as “What percent of our customers are impacted by this outage?”

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Automate Activities

Easily automate once-manual tasks to save time, such as formatting alerts into email templates.

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