Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Operational Resilience Software

Resilient operations are the core of your customer promise.

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Deliver on Your Customer Promise, No Matter What

Operational resilience is the ability to keep your business running.

It is a cultural shift, a set of competencies, and a shared foundation of information driven by people inside and outside of your organization.

Fusion empowers your team to deliver on your commitments to customers of today and evolve to meet the needs of the customers of tomorrow.

Operational Resilience Framework

Meet the Evolving Regulatory Mandate and New Operational Norms

It has never been more challenging to keep your business in business.

As a result, operational resilience is quickly becoming a central pillar of regulatory focus and a trusted instrument of operational excellence.

Leading companies are leveraging technology-enabled operational resilience to build unstoppable services and products, achieve sustainable growth, and bolster customer confidence.

Operational Resilience Feature List

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Identify Critical Services and Products

Prioritize the business services and products that are critical to your customers.

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Map Resources

Visualize how people, processes, places, systems, and third parties deliver those critical services and products.

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Set Impact Tolerances

Automate the enforcement of guardrails for your business operations by setting impact tolerances.

Proactively Mitigate Issues

Plan, orchestrate, and measure risk and resilience activities with confidence.

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Rehearse Scenario Response

Build your team’s confidence by testing your response under realistic conditions.

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Build a More Risk-aware and Agile Operation

Empower your people with data like never before with transformative insight that breaks down barriers, senses changes, and provides true operational agility.

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