Partner Program

Fostering connections to help build a more resilient world.

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to empower customers to become a force for digital change as they start fresh or continue on their resilience journey. Our market-leading platform, the Fusion Framework System, enables the partners we work with to expand their value proposition to customers and accelerate time-to-value.

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Consulting and Implementation Partners

Consulting and delivery services partners have a defined, established, and growing practice for implementing Fusion solutions. Leveraging the Fusion Framework as a platform, they provide powerful and scalable solutions, tools, and business processes to lead customers on a successful resilience journey.

  • Implement Fusion products with a quicker time-to-value 
  • Deploy consultants faster through customized training and certifications 
  • Leverage cross-industry expertise to expand customer-base 

Sales Partners

Sales partners leverage Fusion products and services to cater to risk and resilience customers. Whether large service providers or boutique consulting firms, these partners build productive client relationships, understand business needs, and provide value by recommending industry leading solutions like the Fusion Framework.

  • Differentiate by representing and leveraging Fusion capabilities
  • Capture newer markets and grow the risk and resilience business
  • Become a Fusion consulting and delivery services partner
  • Graduate to become a Fusion consulting and delivery services partner
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Technology Partners

Technology partners harness Fusion technology to deliver exclusive solutions targeted at the expanding risk and resilience markets, cater to specific market requirements and segments with innovative offerings, and leverage the Fusion Framework to develop and deliver advanced products, solutions, and content offerings. 

  • Expand your product’s reach in the risk and resilience management space 
  • Grow your customer base by leveraging Fusion technology 
  • Build custom apps and integrations on the Fusion Framework platform for a unique revenue stream 

Platform Partners

Key technologies are integrated and sold as part of the Fusion Framework. The best partners that deliver maximum value and quality are considered part of the Fusion platform. This includes our partnership with to deliver Fusion on the leading low-code application platform available. The Salesforce Lightning Platform provides the most scalable, secure, and connected environment and the number one user experience, all of which leads to more success across the Fusion ecosystem.

Service Provider Partners

Service Providers are partners that license directly from Fusion and manage and/or operate for and on behalf of third parties who are their clients. This is ideal for participants who seek to license Fusion Framework instances from Fusion for the purpose of creating and operating their own distinct risk management and continuity service(s) that they provide to third parties who are their clients.

Public Sector Partners

Federal agencies and state and local governments are advancing digital transformation of resilience initiatives to better serve constituents and increase agency efficiency in pursuit of their missions. The Fusion Framework is built to be the core of a public sector risk management and resilience program, to understand operations, anticipate and prepare for impactful events, respond quickly, and learn when incidents occur. Through this partnership, you can access a master government aggregator that supports an extensive ecosystem of partners committed to the public sector.

Fusion Technology Partners

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Partner Program

Forward-thinking clients demand effective programs and sustainable capabilities from their solution providers. Our partnerships deliver differentiated, high-value services and software to enterprise clients.