Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Operational Resilience for Technology and Data Service Providers

Leverage an integrated solution purpose-built to enable and empower resilience for technology and data service providers

Companies are more reliant on technology and data services than ever before. As a technology and data service provider, how do you ensure you have the visibility you need to make the right decisions and maintain the resiliency of the end-to-end value chain when disruption strikes?

Fusion helps technology and data service providers:

  • Stay on top of evolving regulations and standards impacting technology and data service providers.
  • Understand your role in delivering key products and services and prioritize what matters most to your customers.
  • Continuously assess risks and monitor service health, engaging the organization in building resiliency over time.
  • Manage your response strategies with agility, engaging customers and your third parties collaboratively every step of the way. No questionnaires required.

Operational Resilience for Technology and Data Service Providers Feature List


Identify Critical Business Services

Prioritize the business services and products that are critical to your customers.

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Map Processes and Systems to Business Services

Visualize how people, processes, places, systems, and third parties deliver those critical services and products.

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Define Impact Tolerances

Automate the enforcement of guardrails for your business operations by setting impact tolerances.

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Scenario Design and Testing

Build your team’s confidence by testing your response under realistic conditions. Identify gaps, signal what needs attention now, and highlight key learnings as you evolve your response.

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Insight and Change Management Tools

Empower your people with data like never before, with transformative insight that breaks down barriers, senses changes, and provides true operational agility.

Personalized Experiences

Drive governance, right-sized policy, procedures, and resilience from the executive level and engage your firm.

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