Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Data From Anywhere To Empower Your People Everywhere

Integration is the #1 reason why digital transformation initiatives – like operational resilience – fail. Through Salesforce’s native integration capability, Fusion can instantly connect with the systems and apps your team uses every day.

Fusion’s purpose-built, prebuilt connectors extend what is available with Salesforce, including two-way communication with emergency notification systems, configuration management databases, situational intelligence, and more.

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Keep Your Operations on the Same Page, Wherever They Are

Everyone on your team is a risk manager.

Community Connector, Fusion’s digital space for collaboration with customers, partners, and employees, engages your entire team – from the front line to third parties to the boardroom – with experiences that make managing risk easy.

With full operational context at your fingertips and built-in collaboration, your extended team is empowered to keep disruption at bay.

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Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)

Facilitate emergency notifications from one centralized platform so you can provide accurate, immediate updates when it matters most.

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Configuration Management Database and IT Service Management

Leverage comprehensive data from your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to visualize impacts and better understand the effects of risk and disruptions to your services from a customer perspective.

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Situational Intelligence

Get a bird’s eye view on what matters and make more effective decisions. Keep a pulse on risks across your enterprise and stay on top of critical issues.


Risk and Compliance

Integrate critical vendor data, compliance frameworks, and controls and empower your business with a robust data foundation.

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