Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Operational Resilience for Manufacturing

Leverage an integrated solution purpose-built to enable and empower resilience for the manufacturing industry.

In today’s complex global environment, there are a variety of factors that can disrupt your business and impact your ability to effectively deliver your products to customers simultaneously. Risks extend far beyond internal events, and it is equally important to monitor emerging threats outside your organization as well as threats to your third-party suppliers and vendors. Many supply chains are still reeling from pandemic-induced challenges and need to embrace a proactive approach to operational resilience to thrive in a new normal.

Designed for manufacturing, Fusion increases visibility into your supply chain and third-party relationships by empowering you to:

  • Identify critical suppliers and dive deeper into third-party risk management for a full understanding of your reliance on third parties as well as their processes and sites that could affect your business operations.
  • Consider the impact of severe disruption on your business before it occurs and plan proactive mitigation strategies.
  • Prevent revenue loss with the actionable insights that enable you to address disruption before it’s too late.

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