Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Investing in Business Continuity: A Guide for Executive Leaders


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At some point, your business will be disrupted by an adverse event—a data breach, a supply chain crisis, a natural disaster, or something else. You can’t know the future, and yet you have to know what you’ll do about it.

This guide can help. You’ll learn:

  • Why business continuity has become an executive priority
  • Why compliance should not be your primary incentive
  • The three building blocks of an effective business continuity program

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In recent years, Business Continuity programs have become a critical component of risk management, as organizations seek to mitigate the risk of natural, man-made, geo-political, and public health catastrophes.

Business continuity strikes at the heart of the fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities of the executive team. Strong arguments can be made that a solid business continuity program can more than pay for itself in fiscal benefits while simultaneously minimizing the probability, impact, and duration of a disruption. This whitepaper provides the guidance that every executive should have to ensure that their business continuity program aligns with their business vision and operations.

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