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Posted on: July 19, 2023
Author: Fusion Risk Management

Leading Tech Provider Moves Beyond Manual IT Operations to Achieve Resilience

Leveraging the power of automation to determine application criticality

This leading technology provider shares how it leverages the Fusion Framework® System™ to automate its internal service impact analyses and determine third-party criticality.


The Challenge

This leading technology provider relied heavily on manual operations, resulting in unactionable, muddled data. Confusion in the terminology that was being used between the IT team and the rest of the organization led to inefficient communications as well. Ultimately, the lack of centralization and standardization in assessing applications made directing resources to the most critical and time-sensitive applications and services difficult.

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Fusion's Solution

Fusion gave the organization the ability to automate their internal service impact analyses (SIAs), which, when used in tandem with business impact analyses (BIAs), provide a holistic picture of third-party criticality on a single integrated platform. Fusion standardized their approach while reducing the number of manual processes needed to complete an SIA from around 20 to 4 total. Once an application has pre-populated background data in Fusion, teams do not need to re-enter it every time they are prompted to fulfill an SIA, driving further efficiency as well as ensuring data integrity.






- IT Disaster Recovery
- Risk
- Resilience


Business Size

15,000-20,000 employees

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