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Posted on: July 5, 2023
Author: Fusion Risk Management

Building Resilience as a Newly-Formed Public Company

Data-mapping an entire organization to eliminate silos and visualize critical third-party services and products

This leading financial technology company shares how its been utilizing the Fusion Framework® System™ to consistently strengthen its risk posture and operational resilience program.


The Challenge

This leading financial technology company needed to provide visibility into its asset management systems to certify to auditors, as well as new public shareholders, the market valuation of its business. However, the company had difficulty evaluating and managing risk due to a reliance on data silos within decentralized legacy systems. The manual process was laborious, costly to maintain, and inefficient in establishing an organization-wide culture of risk management.

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Fusion's Solution

Fusion data-mapped their entire organization to visualize how both proprietary entities and third parties deliver its critical services and products. Fusion then broke down the data silos across the organization to replace inefficient legacy systems of risk management. Fusion implemented its streamlined and actionable dashboards to empower the company with an agile approach that allows its practitioners to continuously monitor and manage organizational risks. As a result, this leading financial technology company has a full understanding of its risk posture as well as an effective operational resilience program that has brought the organization long-term cost savings.






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Business Size

1,000-2,000 employees

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