Take your programs to new heights with Fusion Resilience Copilot™

Posted on: November 21, 2023
Author: Chloe Swierzbinski

Today’s business landscape is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex to navigate – and continuity and resilience practitioners are facing numerous challenges. They often struggle with cumbersome and manual processes, have difficulty reporting back to senior leadership, struggle to understand complex workflows and dependencies, have difficulty complying with evolving regulations, and struggle to integrate best practices with ease. With technology constantly improving to make our lives easier, the dramatic growth of generative AI and its countless potential use cases has organizations eager to harness the power of these tools to drive operational efficiencies.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, over 30 percent of organizations already regularly use generative AI in at least one business function and more than 20 percent have implemented risk policies for generative AI. As more and more organizations explore how to rapidly deploy generative AI tools to help address challenges and meet strategic initiatives, Fusion® is investing in purpose-built AI-powered capabilities to continue to transform how organizations manage and scale their business continuity, risk management, and operational resilience programs.

In our last blog, Leveraging Fusion Resilience Copilot™ for enhanced resilience program management, we highlighted how the Fusion team are already using our new generative AI capability, Resilience Copilot, internally to generate intelligent incident summaries, provide platform guidance, and act as a resilience program methodology consultant. The time and resources saved and the efficiencies that we’ve realized throughout the business are early indicators of how Resilience Copilot will help our customers automate manual and time-consuming activities as well as unlock deeper insights – all by utilizing a tool that is driven by industry best practices and Fusion expertise based on 20 years of experience working with over 400 customers.

Key insights at your fingertips

With our customers’ challenges and needs top of mind, Fusion has been internally leveraging Resilience Copilot since early this year to test and train the model and explore the different, relevant use cases that our customers would benefit from. Since the launch of our Resilience Copilot beta program, we’ve been partnering with customers to expand the tool’s capabilities and hone in on the key areas that will provide the greatest impact. The applications span solution areas, roles, and user types. For example, some of the most common challenges that we are using Resilience Copilot for include:

  • Eliminating the manual time spent on helping service, process, or asset owners complete business impact analyses (BIAs) and leveraging Copilot™ to provide detailed steps and guidance on demand
  • Reducing the amount of time and effort required to analyze and report on critical, relevant information for executives and curating persona-based information within minutes with Copilot
  • Spending important time reviewing and pulling together information during an incident and automatically creating a summary of critical impacts and statuses
  • Understanding complex dependencies and quickly highlighting gaps and opportunities for improvement
  • Finding the time to make program improvements by automating or accelerating previously manual and time-consuming activities

For each prompt, Resilience Copilot generates trusted recommendations and insights that practitioners can use to strengthen their business continuity, risk management, and operational resilience programs. As Fusion’s Resilience Copilot beta program and investment in generative AI continue, the potential capabilities, benefits, and outcomes continue to grow and illustrate how Fusion will continue to empower our customers to build resilience throughout their organization in a time of compounding crises – perhaps now at an exponentially accelerated rate.

Built-in security that you can trust

Today’s risk teams also need confidence in their system security, particularly with programs that host sensitive business continuity and operational resilience data. That is why we built Resilience Copilot with security top of mind: to ensure that all your data is protected and secure.

With customer trust at the forefront, Fusion is committed to upholding the highest standards of data quality and ethics in the development of our generative AI technology. Resilience Copilot’s infrastructure is built in alignment with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 frameworks to ensure security, confidentiality, and availability. We are working in partnership with Azure OpenAI Service to give our customers confidence in the multi-layered approach to mitigate misuse, ensure compliance, and assure them that data, prompts, and results are never stored, never shared with other customers, never available to Azure OpenAI, and never used to train or improve models.

Meeting customer obligations and expectations is of utmost importance to us, and Fusion continues to take significant measures to align Resilience Copilot’s infrastructure with our existing security controls and policies, ensuring a secure and reliable platform and reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Join the Resilience Copilot community

Our Resilience Copilot beta program is in full swing and includes customers from a wide range of industries. The 60-day beta program is allowing us to gather regular feedback from participants, identify new use cases, address challenges that practitioners are facing, and evolve Resilience Copilot to make it an indispensable tool for every business continuity, risk management, and operational resilience program.

Fusion is working closely with our customers to unlock the hidden potential within Resilience Copilot and shape the future of generative AI in the continuity and resilience industry. Stay tuned for additional, exciting information and updates that will be shared as Resilience Copilot becomes generally available for our customers.