Introducing Resilience Copilot™: Your AI-powered, In-house Fusion Analyst

Posted on: September 1, 2023
Author: Eric Chetwynd

A new beginning,Generative AI has risen in popularity, especially over the past year. Organizations are actively looking to leverage the technology in their operations to improve user experience, streamline manual processes, and supercharge agility. Practitioners and organizations are increasingly recognizing the potential of generative AI, with over 46% of executives planning to invest in generative AI in their near-term strategic agenda. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, Fusion is excited to introduce Fusion Resilience Copilot, a powerful generative AI solution trained on years of Fusion experience and industry expertise. Resilience Copilot is designed to simplify processes and more efficiently resolve questions, gain deeper insight into incidents, and quickly act on them. This new capability will put resilience and continuity guidance at the fingertips of Fusion customers. We’ve taken years of our on-the-ground experience and best practices and have operationalized our expertise to create an advisor within the Fusion Framework® System™ that’s built to help you accelerate time to value, increase productivity, and enhance decisionmaking. 

Resilience Copilot is the latest example of Fusion’s dedication to working with our customers to deliver continuous product innovation and improvements that drive proactive risk management and dynamic continuity. This capability will help organizations better navigate the evolving risk landscape and prepare for new compliance standards, including the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). 

Generative AI technology has proven to bolster productivity, boost team engagement, and enhance risk decision-making. To help our customers improve in these areas, we’ve created Resilience Copilot. By combining Fusion’s industry insights, customer program context, and public information, Resilience Copilot will give organizations consistent best practices that will help them to build robust and dynamic resilience programs. This launch is just the beginning, as Fusion will continue to invest in AI solutions to transform how our customers anticipate, mitigate, and respond to disruptions.

Your Resilience Power-up

Today’s risk teams face multiple challenges and need to drive efficiency in manual processes as well as minimize response time between impact and action in the face of disruption – from natural disasters to supply chain attacks and geopolitical crises. But how can your organization do this without committing significant time, resources, and budget?  

With Resilience Copilot, our customers are able to extend their risk and resilience teams without having to hire additional staff, leveraging automation to reduce team stress and workloads so that you can focus on other value-add activities. Our new capability enables you to harness the power of our expertise by leveraging your own Fusion-taught, AI-powered, in-house analyst that is trained to simplify your processes.

Real-time System Support

We know that some Fusion users may only interact with our platform intermittently or make business continuity data updates only as required. Resilience Copilot addresses this by giving you a streamlined approach to advisory and by including guided user support to help increase engagement cross-functionally in your program.

With Resilience Copilot, you can now accelerate the time that it takes to onboard new team members and help them better understand your organization’s data, enhance decision-making, and quickly achieve dynamic continuity.

Step Up to Lead the Pack

Want to learn more about what Fusion Resilience Copilot can do for your organization and how you can tap into our nearly two decades of continuity and resilience program expertise? Fusion customers can now apply to join the beta program when it launches this fall, giving you the opportunity to become one of the first Fusion users to leverage this exciting new capability!  

Don’t miss your chance to join and contribute to the innovation as we continue to shape the next era of generative AI in the risk and resilience industry. You can also see Resilience Copilot in action in person at one of our upcoming Compass events in New York or London.