Leveraging Fusion Resilience Copilot™ for enhanced resilience program management

Posted on: October 26, 2023
Author: Bogdana Sardak

Up Close Shot of Green PlantsIn today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, having a robust resilience program and leveraging and investing in generative AI to enhance your strategic initiatives is more important than ever. Recognizing the potential of generative AI, Fusion has created Resilience Copilot™, a generative AI-powered assistant that accelerates resilience team initiatives by identifying gaps in an organization’s resilience posture, recommending best practice improvements, and developing executive summaries to drive support from senior leadership cross-functionally – to name just a few benefits. 

As a resilience professional, I have been fortunate to leverage Resilience Copilot to strengthen and streamline Fusion’s resilience efforts. Powered by over 15 years of on-the-ground experience and best practices, organizations can take advantage of Copilot’s expertise for many of their initiatives, but there are three key areas that I am currently utilizing Copilot for: 

Intelligent summaries for incidents

  • One of the most valuable features of Resilience Copilot is its ability to provide intelligent summaries for incidents. For instance, during recent events like Hurricane Hilary and Hurricane Idalia, Copilot enabled me to prepare comprehensive briefings for our executive team and managers of impacted employees as well as develop situational awareness reports for all employees. This saved me a few hours every day in creating informative summaries for multiple stakeholder audiences (including senior leadership and other employees). Recognizing that a main pain point for crisis managers is creating different communications – particularly because this process is usually cumbersome and complicated – being able to utilize Copilot to produce intelligent summaries will enable our customers to focus more on critical response activities.
  • Additionally, Copilot functions as a valuable team member, meticulously examining incident data, response procedures, and steps to ensure that I don’t overlook any crucial elements during our response efforts. The tool offers real-time recommendations for improvement, even in the midst of an incident, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of our employees.

Platform guidance

  • As a user of the Fusion Framework® System™, I occasionally encounter technical questions or run into error messages. In such situations, Resilience Copilot has proven to be a valuable resource. With a quick query, Copilot provides relevant platform guidance, including recommendations and proper use cases for different functionalities. Whether it’s configuring map layers for hurricane/tornado tracking or understanding complex documentation, having Copilot as a knowledgeable assistant saves us valuable time and allows us to leverage the Fusion® platform to its fullest potential.

Resilience program methodology 

  • Resilience Copilot acts as an advisor within the Fusion Framework System. Having a Fusion-taught, AI-powered analyst right at my fingertips enables me to consistently strengthen Fusion’s resilience posture. The tool offers guidance, best practices, and methodologies for various aspects of resilience program elements (including business continuity management, incident response, risk management, etc.). For example, when facing the challenge of defining recovery strategies for specific process application dependencies, Copilot was able to provide alternative manual workaround options and alternative applications that can be used as backups, sparing our process owners from having to start from scratch 

Harnessing the power of Resilience Copilot 

Incorporating Resilience Copilot into Fusion’s resilience strategy has had a multitude of positive impacts. From saving time and effort through intelligent incident summaries to providing platform guidance and serving as a knowledgeable advisor for our program methodology, Copilot has become an invaluable part of our organization and day-to-day operations.

While Fusion has been able to leverage Copilot’s expertise, Copilot has been created with our customers in mind – because we recognize that our customers have been facing numerous pain points while trying to navigate the current risk landscape. Practitioners often struggle with cumbersome and manual processes, have difficulty reporting back to senior leadership, struggle with complex workflows, and have difficulty integrating best practices and complying with regulations. With Copilot, practitioners will be able to continuously strengthen their resilience programs, improve their response capabilities, and enhance their decision-making abilities. By leveraging Copilot’s AI-driven insights and recommendations, Fusion and our customers will be able to confidently navigate unforeseen challenges and bolster our organizations’ resilience postures.