Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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The Road to Interactive Continuity and Response

Posted on: July 20, 2022

In an era of continuous disruption, operational resilience heralds the promise of strong brands and reputations, kept customer commitments, fewer silos, more collaboration, and faster growth. It can feel as though you are in a race against time and events as you bolster your organization’s ability to withstand change at an increasingly fast pace.

Going about risk and resilience transformation the wrong way is more than just a bad investment – the impacts can also mean disillusioned employees, unhappy customers, and in many cases, financial impacts such as fines and penalties.

Watch this interactive webinar demonstrating successful risk and resilience transformation initiatives. Learn about how to use the Fusion Framework® System™ to:

  • Identify forces and events that could shape operating conditions
  • Explore how those forces could interact
  • Imagine plausible futures based on simulated events
  • Isolate strategies and tactics for the now on the basis of those futures
  • Help teams develop the muscle for whatever the future actually brings

You can access the slide deck from this webinar here.