Resilience Essentials

Bridging the Gap

A crisis tests the resilience of any business. This moment of truth uncovers new needs, changes and priorities, in an instant. To survive and thrive, organizations need to be prepared, agile, and decisive. You need real-time data and analytics to drive fast, effective decision-making. Resilience Essentials can make your program more resilient in less than 12 weeks.

Focus on What Matters

Resilience Essentials combines Fusion’s flexible software platform with a prescriptive approach to quickly and affordably stand-up or improve your resilience program. With two options, which can be paired with additional services that help you facilitate a retrospective review or develop a plan to bring your team back to the workplace, Resilience Essentials aligns data about your people, processes, applications, sites, and vendors to what matters most — continuing to deliver your products and services to your customers.

Understand Business Context

  • Dynamically map your processes, services, sites, people, and systems
  • Create a single operating view of your organization and identify dependencies

Analyze Business Impact and Assess Risk

  • Analyze scenarios and assess business impact
  • Assess business priorities and set scope
  • Uncover and Monitor critical risks

Test, Exercise, and Iterate

  • Create playbooks to leverage in disruption
  • Train resources and test your plan
  • Outline a roadmap for continuous improvement

Check Mark

Structure Your Program

  • Establish cross-functional roles and responsibilities
  • Create a communication plan for all stakeholders
  • Align on the pillars of resilience for your organization

Jumpstart Resilience

Be Ready for What’s Next

  • Map your business critical processes
  • Determine single points of failure
  • Plan for disruption
  • Develop roadmap for continuous improvement

Plan for Resilience

Build Data Culture and Resilience Maturity

  • Everything in Jumpstart Resilience, plus
  • Expanded scope
  • Tested resiliency plans
  • Resilience training
  • Established process and governance

Team Retrospective

  • Retrospective workshop
  • Assess what worked and did not
  • Determine process changes

Back to Workplace

  • Assess priorities and timelines
  • Develop action plans
  • Build back to workplace checklist and schedule

Ready to transform your program?