Community Connector

Engage your Entire Organization

Community Connector lets you engage internal and external groups with experiences tailored to each of their needs. Using the Community Connector, you can provide an exchange of information to continue to build your information foundation. You can then easily share the latest data when these communities are impacted to improve awareness and enhance incident outcomes.

Community Connector Overview


  • Questionnaires and Surveys: gather information from your internal and external communities
  • My Tasks: personalized task list at your desk or on the go
  • Real-time Incident Management: access the full incident dashboard at the times you need it most
  • Automated Alerts: mobile accessible message board to inform the organization
  • Key File Access: review from anywhere
  • Situation Reports: receive situational intelligence from anyone in your organization
  • Emergency Contact Information: provide employees a way to keep their contact information up-to-date
  • Sign-offs: provide executives a streamlined electronic approval process


  • Gather and share information with less effort rather than using email and spreadsheets
  • Enhance your emergency notification capabilities
  • Enable everyone to keep up-to-date to ensure safety and continuity of operations
  • Engage the entire enterprise at a time of crisis or incident
  • Perform vendor assessments during the onboarding process in a fraction of the time
  • Complete more assessments and improve accuracy and responsiveness

Types of Communities

Broad Enterprise Community

Keep emergency contact information up-to-date, alert employees to incidents or other events, and provide a secure portal for employees to alert you to situations.

Business Continuity Community

Encourage your BC team to participate in exercises and surveys. Expand your teams access to key documents they need when time is of the essence.

Executive Management Community

Engage your management team in approvals, survey to gather priorities, and share information at the right level.

IT Disaster Recovery Community

Involve your full ITDR team in exercises and incidents. Capture important details from subject matter experts in IT through information requests.

Vendor Community

Automate your vendor assessment process and include key vendors as part of your team as you manage events.

Build-Your-Own Community

Apply flexible tools to build communities important to your program, including key customers, auditors, and policy approvers.

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