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Gartner Report: Two Focus Areas to Improve Organizational Resilience


How can a complex enterprise establish a resilience strategy that’s integrated and effective?

Gartner has the answers. Download their latest report and learn:

  • The four main reasons resilience plans fail
  • The types of silos that thwart an integrated approach
  • How your organization can reset resilience to achieve success

Get Gartner’s insights and discover how your organization can make resilience real.


Resilience plans must meet the strategic needs of the business, break down silos and improve executive engagement to drive real organizational change. Two key strategies can help security and risk management leaders to deliver focused resilience plans that endure over time.

Key Findings

  • Resilience programs often struggle to obtain executive buy-in because the programs are developed in organizational silos and driven toward unfocused objectives.
  • Resilience programs often stall within two years unless there are regulatory reasons to continue.
  • Traditional frameworks and methodologies have been used in a way that restricts flexibility, leading to plans that don’t significantly increase organizational resilience.

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