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DORA and the Risk of ICT Vendors on Critical Business Functions


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The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) goes into effect in January 2025. This second reference guide:

  • Provides practical guidance and resources to help organisations prepare for DORA compliance and improve their overall operational resilience posture
  • Outlines the latest standards and focuses on applying them to those organisational functions that are material to the operative and financial health of organisations and the financial stability of the EU
  • Looks at third-party risk management and its critical impact on organisations’ operational resilience


DORA creates a binding, comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) risk management framework. It establishes technical standards that financial entities and their critical third-party technology service providers must implement by 17 January 2025.

DORA was born out of a long list of digital infrastructure failures which threatened financial institutions, their customers, and the EU economy overall. At a tactical level, DORA is an important cybersecurity compliance requirement. But on a strategic level, DORA is much more—it is a valuable roadmap that every organisation can use to improve its operational resilience posture.

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