Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Enhancing BIA Methodologies with Emerging Technology

Watch the replay of our webinar Enhancing BIA Methodologies with Emerging Technology, hosted in partnership with DRJ, to hear Fusion Risk Management’s Kelli Stephens and Cate O’Malley walk through industry best practices for developing and implementing business impact analysis (BIA) methodologies.

Learning objectives:

  • Hear on-the-ground challenges that Kelli and Cate have witnessed and experienced during their time in the industry and the key tactics that they used to overcome them
  • Kelli and Cate discuss ways that you can build a more engaging, dynamic, and proactive approach to your BIA cycle that gets you ready for any disruption that comes your way
  • Take advantage of emerging technology like generative AI to create better processes that enable your end users and ensure you are streamlining and simplifying your BIAs