Lisa Kalita

Marketing Associate

Lisa Kalita's Headshot - Square

Lisa has three years of experience in B2B marketing in the software industry. She began working at Fusion in April of 2020 as a Marketing Intern and then moved on to become a Marketing Associate where she now is responsible for managing Fusion’s social media, awards, PR, case studies, and blogs processes.

Lisa previously worked as a Marketing Intern at a not-for-profit organization in her hometown. Curious to see how a corporate organization operated, she began working at Fusion while she was a student at DePaul University, earning her Bachelors of Science in Business for Digital Marketing in 2020. Starting at Fusion as both a student and an intern was a great learning experience for her, allowing her to gain broader knowledge of marketing but also the operational resilience industry as a whole. Her experience at Fusion has amplified her passion towards the creative aspect of marketing, whether it be designing, advertising, branding, and creating digital content.

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