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Fusion Risk Management Named Product/Service Provider of the Year in the 2022 DRI International Awards of Excellence

Posted on: March 1, 2022

Chicago, IL and London, UK – Fusion Risk Management, Inc. (“Fusion”), a leading provider of operational resilience, business continuity, and risk management software and services, today announced it has been named Product/Service Provider of the Year in the 2022 Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) Awards of Excellence.

The DRI International Awards of Excellence recognize individuals and organizations who have achieved a certain level of excellence in the fields of continuity management, technology recovery, and crisis management. Winners were selected through a blind judging process which ensures integrity and accountability at each level of submission and review.

“Fusion is honored to be named Product/Service Provider of the Year by the DRI International Awards of Excellence,” said Michael Campbell, CEO of Fusion Risk Management. “This win is a testament to the Fusion team’s commitment in providing best-in-class products and services that help our clients achieve their North Star of resilience. Many business disruptions over the last two years have highlighted the growing importance of operational resilience, and Fusion will continue to work with our clients to push the possibilities of resilience through any disruption while also ensuring they remain compliant.”

This win was largely driven by innovations to the Fusion Framework® System™, a revolutionary platform that eliminates the need for separate modules across the many areas of risk and continuity management, bringing them together under the comprehensive umbrella of operational resilience. Fusion’s out-of-the-box capabilities empower businesses to efficiently aggregate risk assessment information for accurate risk reporting and control monitoring across the organization, building a culture of resilience as a guiding North Star and enabling clients to go beyond reacting to ongoing threats to more proactively managing their resilience posture. The system bolsters organizations’ resiliency programs and has proven to help organizations become more prepared, agile, and decisive to quickly prepare for, prevent, and recover from business disruptions.

Over the past year Fusion worked closely with clients as it launched significant enhancements to the Fusion Framework System. The company introduced numerous new framework capabilities to provide data-driven insights that enable customers to make informed decisions regarding risk tolerance and implement the proper protections to ensure minimum disruption and foster heightened resilience. These include:

  • Fusion Analytics – A platform capability that provides organizations with enhanced data insights to bolster their resilience posture
  • Scenario Testing – A purpose-built functionality that provides organizations with the ability to test and analyze the impact of severe but plausible events in real time
  • Dynamic Response Console – An agile solution which uses the foundational data gathered from a company’s static data plans and reorganizes the information in a way that most efficiently informs an up-to-date response

For more information, visit www.fusionrm.com.

About Fusion Risk Management, Inc.

Fusion Risk Management is a leading industry provider of cloud-based operational resilience software, encompassing business continuity, risk management, information technology and security risk, crisis and incident management, and more. Its solutions empower organizations to make data-driven decisions with a holistic, agile approach and enable them to deliver on their brand promise through disruption. For more information, visit www.fusionrm.com.

About DRI International

DRI International is the world’s leading business continuity and disaster recovery training organization. The DRI International Awards of Excellence program honors the leaders and innovators in the fields of continuity management, technology recovery, and crisis and risk management. For more information, visit: https://drii.org/conference/awards.

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