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Fusion Risk Management Announces Addition of Fusion Connector for Send Word Now

Posted on: April 24, 2018

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. (“Fusion”), a leading provider of business continuity risk management software and services, announced today the launch of its Fusion Connector for Send Word Now®. This cloud-based managed solution enables crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery professionals to easily connect the award-winning Fusion Framework® Continuity Risk Management System and the Send Word Now mass notification system from OnSolve™. With the growth of Fusion’s Connector Series™, Fusion and OnSolve continue their four-year partnership originating with MIR3, now an OnSolve solution.

The Fusion Connector for Send Word Now offers an out-of-the-box integration for initiating and tracking Send Word Now communications from within the Fusion Framework System™ while synchronizing critical data to provide a “single pane of glass” to manage incidents and crisis events. In addition, the connector maintains interoperability while customers configure and evolve each system as needs change over time.

“Fusion’s Connector Series offers an excellent integration with Send Word Now,” said Steve Richardson, Fusion’s Vice President of Product Management. “By connecting our systems, our customers enable their people to coordinate and respond to crisis events faster and more effectively through more efficient crisis command, broader participation, greater control, and less training needed to ensure success.”

Fusion and OnSolve are featured sponsors and exhibitors at Continuity Insights Management Conference in Miami, Florida, from April 23 – 25, 2018. During the event, Fusion and OnSolve will be presenting industry thought-leadership and demonstrating their respective solutions including the new connector.

“The Fusion Connector for Send Word Now enables companies to send faster, more accurate communications from their Send Word Now account, directly through the Fusion interface,” stated Daniel Graff-Radford, Chief Product Officer of OnSolve. “For companies that leverage both Fusion and Send Word Now, this connection provides more seamless crisis response leading to more successful outcomes.”

About Fusion Risk Management, Inc.

Founded in 2006 by an experienced team of industry leaders, Fusion Risk Management is now the most innovative and fastest growing provider of business continuity and risk management solutions. With its introduction in 2010, the Fusion Framework® System™ signaled a paradigm shift in the marketplace for enterprise software addressing Business Continuity, Crisis/Incident Management, IT Disaster Recovery, and Integrated Risk Management agendas. Built by experts and delivered via Software as a Service, the Fusion Framework adapts and evolves with your business.

Fusion Framework is a registered trademark, and Fusion Framework System and Connector Series are trademarks of Fusion Risk Management, Inc.

About OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading global provider of SaaS-based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers. The company’s cloud-based software communications platform provides seamless and easy-to-deploy solutions for the exchange of critical information among organizations, their people, devices and external entities with use cases designed to save lives, enhance revenue and reduce costs. More information can be found on the company’s website at www.onsolve.com.

Send Word Now is a registered trademark of OnSolve.