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Fusion Announces Enhancements to Risk Management Capabilities

Posted on: September 24, 2018

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. (“Fusion”), a leading provider of business continuity and risk management software and services, today announced major product enhancements that expand its already established risk management capabilities. Fusion’s most recent product release includes a new third-party management offering along with a solution for organizations to securely connect with broader internal and external communities. With these new enhancements, organizations now have the most flexible and innovative way to manage and mitigate risk to the perimeter of their enterprises and throughout their supply chain.

“In today’s business environment, the success and reputation of an organization depends on their ability to navigate and manage the relationships and risks associated with their third-party providers,” noted Michael Rasmussen, an internationally recognized expert on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) with GRC 20/20 Research, LLC. “When engaging with third parties, as well as with all employees across an organization, an enterprise requires a flexible system tailored to different user experiences and needs; secure access from anywhere; and automated workflows. It is imperative that organizations enable the sharing of information in both directions, and combine all data-gathering and sharing efforts on a core risk management system to maximize its effectiveness.”

The new capabilities announced today will enable Fusion Framework System users to engage vendors and other third-party communities directly in a completely integrated system. This helps to efficiently manage the otherwise resource-intensive vendor assessment process and incorporate third parties directly into broader risk management and resiliency strategies. By automating data collection, organization, and analysis, Fusion clients can better leverage limited resources to ensure a more effective, efficient, and economical risk management program.

“These enhancements significantly extend Fusion’s third-party management capabilities while still delivering capabilities applicable to all aspects of risk management,” stated Fusion CEO David Nolan. “This is in line with Fusion’s vision to provide organizations with command and control through a single pane of glass. While many clients have already been using the Fusion Framework for third-party management, these enhancements extend their reach and provide significant process and efficiency advantages. Fragmented programs that rely on legacy tools bear hidden costs and risks. Fusion’s solutions deliver on the promise that software should be a force multiplier with a clear ROI.”

Fusion will be demonstrating its new product enhancements and third-party management this week at the Disaster Recovery Journal Fall World conference in booth 511 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information please visit www.fusionrm.com/events-calendar-list/2018/9/23/drj-fall-world.

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Fusion Risk Management is a leading industry provider of software solutions for business continuity, integrated risk management, IT disaster recovery, and crisis and incident management. Its products and services take organizations beyond legacy solutions and empowers them to make data-driven decisions with a comprehensive and flexible approach through one system. Fusion and its team of experts are dedicated to helping companies achieve greater organizational resilience and mitigate risks within their businesses. For more information, visit www.fusionrm.com.