IT Disaster Recovery Management Software

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Creating an integrated data repository can be difficult when pockets of knowledge are scattered around the organization. When organizations spend too much of their time planning and running exercises, the big picture can seem unattainable.

How We Help

With the Fusion Framework® System™, you will create an information foundation that stores run books and plans as structured data. Through powerful tools, you will visualize impacts of any particular outage, server, or application. Fusion Framework enables users to queue tasks based on dependencies, so you are doing things in order and not wasting time. Achieve the growth you desire with a system that ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

Featured Capabilities

Technology Impact Analysis (TIA)

  • Define your organization’s technology environment
  • Identify critical capability gaps
  • Determine dependencies and recovery priorities
  • Understand business requirements for recovery and resiliency

Dependency and Business Impact Visualization

  • Capture your organization’s structured data
  • View relationships based on processes and applications
  • Recognize impacts
  • Support real-time decision making

Exercise and Incident Orchestration

  • Engage users in simulation and exercise planning
  • Orchestrate tasks and activities across the business
  • Document issues, actions, and tasks during an event
  • Simplify post-event management and support

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Our combination of products and services will create a solution tailored to your program. Check out this suggested set of products for the IT disaster recovery management solution.

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