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Too much time gets spent on completing routine tasks to ensure the continuity of your program. You want to demonstrate value and get others engaged, but legacy software keeps holding you back.

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Fusion Framework® System provides the automation you need to focus on strategic objectives. The flexibility of the system allows you to keep key stakeholders informed with automated alerts. Through an understandable, easy-to-use interface, users will actively participate in keeping information up-to-date. You can trust that the Fusion Framework functions as the extra set of hands your program needs to make everyone more efficient.

Featured Capabilities

Program Management and Governance

  • Manage policies and plan maintenance processes
  • Gain insight with interactive dashboards and reports
  • Automate plan approvals and sign-offs
  • Tailor user experiences with ease

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Business Impact Analysis Plan

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Assess important risks and impacts
  • Gather a foundation of company data
  • Define risk and business impact driven priorities
  • Engage the right resources for a more complete set of information

Response Planning and Exercises

  • Update and maintain plans
  • Manage plan updates efficiently with the centralized procedure library
  • Ensure plan quality and accuracy
  • Drive better decisions and outcomes

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Our combination of products and services will create a solution tailored to your program. Check out this suggested set of products for the business continuity management solution.

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