Tips to Boost Morale During a Pandemic

Posted on: April 27, 2020
Author: Lindsay Chow

Happy man talking on phone

As we all continue to adjust to our new normal working from home, much of our workforce is searching for ways to maintain workplace culture and boost morale. Needless to say, we are all feeling a little off or out of sorts, but we are striving to remain positive. Here are some things we at Fusion have found successful!

Turn that video on!

Prior to working from home, I had never used the video function of any conference call. I didn’t see the need. However, now it is something that I encourage because you’re not only able to stay engaged throughout the conversation, but it helps mimic an in-person meeting. A perk of being in the office is the informal conversations you have with coworkers in the kitchen or passing each other in the hallway. So instead of keeping that video off, I encourage you to turn on your video, say hello to those on the other side because they too may be craving some interaction.

Host Non-Work-Related Events

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Whether you’re playing a board game, eating lunch, or enjoying happy hour, it’s important to stay connected. The kitchen at our office is a popular spot for people to gather, in order to maintain that, we’ve launched a few different events such as virtual lunches, happy hours, and concerts (my personal favorite!). Not long ago we were attending our coworkers’ concert in person so why not try and continue that? “Fusion Live” has allowed all of us to let loose on a Friday and simply enjoy the talents of our teammates. During our first concert, many got teary-eyed (including myself) while watching because it was fantastic to focus on something that wasn’t COVID-19. It was so simple, just coworkers attending a concert.

Fusion Pets Slack Channel

Pets are one of the easiest ways to smile throughout your day. We’ve created a Slack channel dedicated to our furry (or scaly) Fusionites. We created it early March and it has continued to provide great laughter and smiles for those in the group. We are all adjusting to working from home and it’s fun to get to know others’ pets.


Miscellaneous dogs and cats

Celebrate Wins

Working from home can make it harder to celebrate wins such as offer acceptance, deals closing or projects being completed, simply because we are not in person. Wins are still important for everyone to know and celebrate. No matter how big or how little our team shares their wins for the day or week.

A Simple Hello

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Despite a relentless pursuit to remain positive during this time, it’s also equally important to balance that with support. Checking in on your coworkers with a simple “How is your day going?” can be more impactful than you may realize. There have been countless times during these past few weeks where I asked someone on my team if I could just brain dump with them. We all need time to process this adjustment, so lean on your team for that support, just like you would at the office. I urge you to keep it simple, keep celebrating your wins, keep checking in on your coworkers, and keep leaning on your team when you need support. It’s also important to check in on yourself individually! Make sure you are doing your best to keep up with your own well being.

Focus on What You Can Control

A challenge that many, myself included, face right now is the lack of control they feel. There is a lot up in the air and information is constantly changing, which can be anxiety provoking. However, I have learned very quickly that in order for me to feel positive and productive, I try my best to control what I can control and be okay with what I cannot. I go into every day knowing that I can control my attitude, my output and the types of media I choose to consume.

A simple adjustment of my attitude from being forced to stay inside to understanding that I am safer inside has been helpful in holding myself accountable during this transition. I try to find the balance between remaining up to date on media coverage but not overwhelming myself into oblivion with statistics that seem to constantly be changing. I cannot emphasize enough the incredible trickle effect this has had over my time working at home.

Whether you chose to implement all of these or some of these into your day to day, I encourage you to find what works for you. Times are tricky but eventually we will get into this new groove and find our new normal. So I ask you, what have you done to continue to boost morale for yourself and others? A little really can go a long way.