Promises Kept: 15 Years of Commitment to a More Resilient World

Posted on: May 4, 2021
Author: Michael Campbell

Tall Trees, concept: More Resilient WorldFor 15 years Fusion has helped organizations continue to operate through storms and blue skies. We have been at the forefront of the operational resilience industry with a strong vision and unwavering purpose, and we kept our promise: no matter what disruption you encounter, we will help you get past it. Our mission is clear: we need to build a more resilient world. As we look to the next 15 years, we celebrate our past success and recognize the people and innovation that signal an even brighter, more resilient future.

At the heart of Fusion is our people, shared values and culture, unique approach to operational resilience, and history of industry leadership. These elements have comprised our strength and success for the past 15 years and have been integral to delivering on our mission.

Our people

People are the cornerstone of our company. Fusion brings together some of the brightest talents in the industry to collaborate, innovate, and leverage their expertise to ensure our clients are prepared for and able to withstand difficult situations. Our network of industry professionals works cohesively to create a more resilient environment for our customers, and we wear this teamwork as a badge of honor. This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic – as the severity of the event became clear, our team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to provide materials, tools, and whitepapers to market in days. Our commitment to excellence is why thousands of organizations trust their resilience to Fusion. It’s what we do best and has done for 15 years.

While there are many disruptive companies and cool technologies on the market, we attract the best of the best talent because of our community-focused bond and shared purpose. We are proud to offer a unique blend of excitement working for a high-growth, innovative company with a deep understanding that the work is truly important – to individuals, organizations, and to the world itself.

Our values and culture

North Star decorative imageFusion’s values are critical to who we are and our business operations. We champion trust – trust in each other and the team, enabling us to work together with integrity. We are passionate about operational resilience, our work, and making a difference. What’s more, this shared passion makes our team and offering stronger – enabling us to empower our clients. We are collaborators, working with customers and partners to share knowledge upstream and downstream. Our commitment to collaboration drove us to become the nexus for our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we initiated a consistent knowledge-sharing arena for best practices at the height of the crisis. Now, our clients still meet every Friday for a discussion on resilience and shared learnings from the pandemic to prepare for future events. Our ability to create a community is truly a testament to our values and culture.

We’ve always put customers first and readily embraced the challenge to futureproof our customers and improve their resilience. We are committed to personal and professional growth and continue to invest in our people, skills, technology, and research. As Fusion has grown, we have added functionality to help our customers manage increasingly important events like weather events or social unrest. These values have guided Fusion for the last 15 years towards our North Star of operational resilience and solidified our position as the industry leader.

Our unique operational resilience approach

Since Fusion’s founding, we’ve evangelized a radically different way to envision business operations and approach resilience. We’ve always believed that planning for standalone events that can negatively impact an organization has never been enough. We must understand the business inside and out, how it breaks, how to put it back together and call on past learnings to inform future intelligence. It’s a simple concept, but it represents a radical departure from traditional approaches to business continuity and operational resilience. You can’t make a plan in case something happens; you have to plan for when something happens – because eventually, something will. We are proud to prepare our clients well in advance for the ‘when.’ The COVID-19 crisis especially brought to light why our approach is the only way forward, and it’s encouraging to see multiple industries and organizations now recognize why we think the way we do.

Looking back at our founding, Fusion was born of and built on a foundation of forward-looking innovation and resilience at its core. As our founder David Nolan recalls:

“I saw so many companies struggling to build the programs they needed to protect their brands. We founded Fusion in 2006 with the vision of operationalizing resilience by enabling organizations to gather, organize, analyze, visualize, and leverage information to enable and empower organizations to thrive in the face of adversity. The premise was simple – a ‘data-first approach would create ‘technology-enabled teams that would far outperform legacy approaches. To this day, that vision continues to lead the digital transformation of operational resilience and all related disciplines. Fusion’s remarkable success from upstart to undisputed leader is evidence that we are now – and always have been – the innovator, extending the boundaries of what is possible. We are grateful to all those who have embraced our vision and helped Fusion succeed. We are privileged to be part of your success.”

Our industry leadership

Fusion’s longstanding history of leadership and influence in the resilience industry set us apart from our peers. Our innovative approach is reinforced constantly, as organizations turn to us for resilience best practices.

Traditionally, most providers offered good governance but not operational resilience. They created numerous incident management plans for if something breaks, but chances are, that plan never survived the cracking of the binder! You can never plan for what exactly happens or what the incident precisely will encompass. Fusion has always championed a different approach. We help customers run through thousands of simulations to uncover potential weak spots and vulnerabilities instead of creating static plans. After all, there are infinite threats but not infinite funding to address them all. Fusion’s model evaluates which areas of an organization rarely break down and which areas present the greatest risk. Then, we divert attention to the latter. Our philosophy has always been: why waste resources on ironclad, resilient elements in the system? It’s this visionary approach that made Fusion a maverick at its inception and an industry leader ever since.

Shaping the future of resilience

For 15 years, Fusion has worked tirelessly to strengthen organizations’ resilience posture across industries and global economies. We now look forward to accelerating the innovation that drives our critical work and reinforcing our commitment to our clients to help them operate through a dynamic and challenging landscape. Today and in the future, we champion anticipation and preparation overreaction. Fusion was built on the vision of making the world a more resilient place, and we’ve delivered on that promise. Now, we look forward to expanding on that promise and introducing new ways to lead the next 15 years of industry excellence.