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Early Learnings from COVID-19: Improving Resilience

Posted on: March 27, 2020
Author: Fusion Risk Management

Webinar Series

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With the developing COVID-19 Global Pandemic, organizations are responding to a systemic disruption that has not occurred in the era of modern globalization. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services have been leading the charge in maintaining and improving operational resilience as the situation evolves daily. With unimaginable systemic disruptions to workplace, workforce, supply chain and even technology, other Risk Management functions must adopt a single resilient mindset in order to elevate proactive Risk Management techniques. Adopting a mindset of convergence can help you add value now, not only when the pandemic has subsided.

In this webinar, TJ Kuhny, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Alex Toews, Risk Solutions Manager at Fusion Risk Management, answer questions such as:

  • What can risk managers learn so far, from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic?
  • What risks should you focus on now to help ensure your organization’s resilience as the pandemic progresses?
  • How can information be shared across business continuity and operational risk to enable greater operational resilience?
  • How does this influence Operational Risk Management programs moving forward?
  • How does Fusion Risk Management leverage Business Continuity insights to elevate Operational Risk Management programs

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