Author: David Nolan, Founder of Fusion Risk Management, Inc.


A Best Practice Guide for Establishing an Effective, Efficient and Economical Resilience Program

Business continuity and operational risk management are necessary core competencies that ensure that organizations maintain command and control of their businesses at all times. This paper discusses the importance of an information foundation to serve as a basis for making risk-based decisions, and provides guidance on how to minimize business impacts.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • How to mitigate risks and disruptions caused by COVID-19 and other events
  • Key elements of an organizational resilience program
  • Potential barriers to introducing new technologies
  • Four areas of return that justify a robust organizational resilience system
  • Guidance on how to get started down the right path quickly 

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Case Studies

Risk Management Just Got Easier

Aureon streamlines and automates site risk assessments

With more than 100 locations owned or leased – 50 of which are considered high- or medium-priority sites – Aureon had a critical demand for streamlining and automating their site risk assessment process. They needed to be able to measure threats, controls, vulnerabilities, and residual risk logically across all locations. To do so, they turned to Fusion Risk Management and the power of the Fusion Framework® System™.

TransUnion's Transformation

The Amazing Journey of One Company from Business Continuity to Enterprise Issue Management

For over a decade, Tracy Judge, VP of Global Compliance, has developed key compliance programs for all domestic and international TransUnion locations. Here, she tells her story of the role she played in developing enterprise issue management at TransUnion – and how partnering with Fusion has played an integral role in her personal and professional growth.

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