Fusion Risk Management provides comprehensive solutions for today's practitioners. Whether you are seeking to establish a new Continuity Risk Management program, enhance your current capabilities, integrate multiple risk agendas, or gain assistance in meeting your next most important objectives, Fusion provides the solutions that ensure your success.

Continuity Risk Management program

Continuity Risk Management

Continuity Risk Management represents an organization’s ability to understand and manage the comprehensive array of risks and impacts that can disrupt normal operations, and create the resilience to continue to deliver products and services, while ensuring the safety and security of employees, regardless of circumstance. 

Establishing a Continuity Risk Management program requires evolving beyond traditional approaches and legacy tools to become more effective, more efficient, and more relevant to the needs of your organization. 

Success requires:

  • Establishing and maintaining an information foundation on which to build your program.
  • Driving engagement, ownership, and accountability with your program contributors and executives.
  • Organizing and orchestrating to achieve successful risk awareness, mitigation, response, and recovery.
  • Achieving command and control of your program and resources.

Now more than ever, successfully managing an enterprise program means much more than conducting an annual BIA and risk assessment, developing plans, and running exercises. Whether your focus is Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis/Incident Management, or any number of Risk Management agendas, success as a leader requires that you have command of your program, and demonstrate that you are in control and delivering business value every step of the way.

Fusion Risk Management provides award-winning software and services to transform your current activities into a Continuity Risk Management program that is effective, efficient, and economical.

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Exercises & Incident Management

Fusion enables organizations to significantly enhance the ability to conduct exercises and manage incidents to achieve faster response and recovery times with more predictable outcomes and higher confidence for success.

Conducting tests and exercises can be disruptive, time consuming, and rarely reflects the complex and varied nature of actual incidents or crisis events. Limited testing of individual plans and overly simplistic exercise scenarios are typically all that program managers are able to accomplish in a busy organization with limited resources and inadequate tools.

During a crisis event, integrating multiple plans, coordinating numerous teams, and staying on track is challenging even for the most experienced practitioners. Response and recovery "orchestration" techniques deliver better simulations and more predictable outcomes during actual crisis events. 

Fusion Framework® System™ for exercises and incident management enables flexibly activating multiple plans, provides situational awareness, command & control through a "single pane of glass" to orchestrate multiple workstreams, while delivering efficiencies through workflows and integrations with ENS and ITSM systems. In addition, Fusion's Enterprise Community software enables program leaders to alert and engage every employee to ensure safety and security throughout the organization.

Fusion's world-class advisory consulting staff guides client organizations through the process of establishing an effective program of exercises and incident management to provide you and your team with the capabilities to manage and maintain an effective program going forward.

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Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

Traditional approaches to risk management have left enterprise organizations with disparate and misaligned information, preventing executives from gaining a clear understanding of the risks that can impact business operations.  

While legacy GRC tools have proven overly complex, cumbersome, and expensive, Risk Management practitioners have found themselves conducting similar, overlapping, and repetitive assessments that are disruptive and time consuming for stakeholders.

Fusion enables organizations to gain a comprehensive view of risks across multiple agendas, integrated with the information foundation that makes up the Continuity Risk Management program. 

Fusion Framework System enables streamlined risk assessments that reduce the overall work effort, more easily engage information owners, and deliver information that is kept more continuously up to date for greater business value.

Fusion Framework System establishes a flexible information foundation that is extensible to every area of operational risk including Vendor Risk, Facility Risk, IT Risk, and Cyber Risk. Related risk agendas are brought together in a flexible organizational model to enable effective decision-making on risk tolerance, risk mitigation and business resilience investments.

Fusion's world-class advisory consulting staff guides client organizations through the process of addressing risk management agendas, delivering executive reporting and metrics, and establishing a comprehensive program that is effective, efficient, and economical.

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Incident Response & Security

Enterprise organizations are complex and dynamic, and face a diverse and evolving array of risks and threats. Effective and efficient interaction with every employee can be fundamental to the success of your program.  Even with the best of plans, executing effectively depends on your ability to engage not only your core team, but all of your stakeholders. 

Fusion's software and services enable enterprise organizations to achieve incident response capabilities that benefit and engage appropriate groups of employees with relevant information when needed.

At time of crisis, program leaders are challenged to organize and manage all of the alerts and updates to groups of employees, and gather real-time status reports from the field to maintain situational awareness and ensure employee safety and security under changing conditions. 

Fusion Framework System and Enterprise Community™ software provide the ability to engage employees and keep them informed as situations unfold. Employees report from the field, ask for help, access relevant and appropriate information, and gain new levels of collaboration. Alerts and Situation Reports flow automatically into the Incident Management process to enhance command and control, reduce manual work effort and accelerate response times.

Fusion's world-class advisory consulting staff guides client organizations through the process of enhancing the incident management program to include communication with all employees, and gain management and governance capabilities to ensure an effective and well-maintained program going forward.

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