Build a Business Continuity Platform for your Success

The Fusion Framework System is a cloud-based business continuity and risk management platform for building programs focused on integrated risk management, business continuity, IT disaster recovery, third-party management, and crisis and incident management. The Fusion Framework puts you in charge by helping you gather, organize, and analyze information about your organization to support better decision making.

Business Continuity Platform

Business Continuity and Risk Management Dashboard

Business Impact Management

Take the next step in business impact analysis and create an information foundation based on organizational data to assess risks and identify and manage your most important areas of impact.

Business Continuity Preparation

Go beyond planning by capturing actionable information and creating strategies that prepare your people for any situation, and maintain dynamic plans of any type across your entire organization in a one system.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare for a coordinated disaster recovery response by synchronizing CMDB system data and planning to orchestrate recovery tasks.

Incident Management

Demonstrate command and control during exercises and incidents by having full situational awareness and the ability to make great decisions and deliver rapid recoveries.

Risk Management

Manage many types of risk, including vendor risk, cyber risk, and facility risk, through one system.

Crisis Response

Integrate with your ENS software, and coordinate your response as part of your overall incident management operations.

Key Features

The Fusion Framework System delivers a wide array of features that make it essential for any organization serious about running an effective and efficient continuity risk management program.

  • Flexible, powerful information, and organizational model
  • Analytics, reporting, and dashboards
  • Communication accessibility
  • Global language support
  • Administrative console
  • Security and access controls

Why Choose the Fusion Framework System?

  • Ease of use
  • Information-centric, not plan-centric
  • An enterprise class system that you can trust
  • Manage impact from a single pane of glass
  • Configurable to your needs
  • Tailored experiences for stakeholders
  • Mobile-ready software
  • Scalable market leading platform

Choose Success. Choose Fusion.