Manage recoveries in one place

More than just an integration, our System Connectors provide pre-built software solutions for two-way communication with emergency notification systems, IT service management systems, and enterprise data repositories, bringing together all of the information and capabilities needed to speed recoveries and reduce impact from disruptive events. This allows you understand and manage all situations in one place while each related system continues to provide important core capabilities for the best overall solution.

Software Integration Solution

Fusion Connector for ENS

Emergency Notification Systems are an effective and efficient way for you to communicate messages to a broad audience, especially at time of crisis. Integrate the power of your ENS with the Fusion Framework System. Send the right message to the right people with less effort to drive better outcomes.

Software Integration Platform

Synchronize Contacts, Teams, and Rosters

The System Connectors for ENS ensures all contact, team, and roster data is up to date between the Fusion Framework System and your ENS system.

  • More precise crisis and mass communication management
  • Improved efficiency for plan and program owners
  • Reduced training for emergency communications team

Orchestrate Notifications

Leverage the Fusion Framework System to initiate, prioritize, track, and report on mass communications related to the incident.

  • Leverage existing plans to drive successful communications
  • Capture and consolidate information
  • Monitor response statuses during a simulation or incident
  • Actively manage across disparate work streams

Fusion Connector for ServiceNow®

Integrate Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery for Maximum Impact

The Fusion Connector for ServiceNow integrates the Fusion Framework System with ServiceNow’s IT solutions, facilitating preparation and recovery management between the business and IT. Proper preparation requires understanding the impact of IT in the business. During exercises and incidents, you must coordinate business and IT activities from a single pane of glass to maximize your chance for success.

The connector combines the strengths of two enterprise systems enabling IT to leverage competencies in ServiceNow while benefitting from the broader enterprise command and control preparation and execution capabilities of the Fusion Framework System.

Software System Integration

Synchronize With Your CMDB

Synchronize data between your CMDB system and your Fusion Framework System. Better understand your business dependencies and prioritize recovery activities.

  • Make better decisions based on complete data
  • Understand and prioritize the most acute gaps
  • Gain real-time insights into changes than can affect plans and activities and therefore outcomes
  • Visualize up and downstream dependencies that leverage business and IT data
  • Achieve stronger command of business operations to drive more effective strategies and plans

Manage Activities Between Fusion and IT

Consolidate and drive a more efficient recovery by executing IT recovery tasks directly from the Fusion Framework System.

  • Reduced execution risk and compressed recovery times
  • Realistic simulation of complex recoveries
  • Improved communication across work streams
  • More efficient use of IT personnel and less training

Fusion Connector for NC4

Integrate Situational Intelligence into Your Program

The Fusion Connector for NC4 enables you to operationalize safety, security, and incident management in the Fusion Framework with real-time incident data from NC4.

NC4 is a leader in providing situational intelligence globally about events as they occur in real time. NC4 analysts focus on actionable information and disregard uninformative reports, so you can trust you are receiving the most accurate information.

Through the Fusion Framework System, view real time incident data on the map in relation to your assets. Your organization can effectively invoke incidents and associate events with potentially impacted locations, processes, personnel, and other resources. You can formulate a better and quicker response when time is of the essence.

Choose Success. Choose Fusion.