Introducing Fusion’s AlertMedia Connector

Posted on: February 22, 2022
Author: Product Marketing Team

Identify Threats and Communicate Faster During Emergencies

Collaborative crisis management can be challenging with critical data and communication capabilities fragmented across different systems. In an emergency, time is precious and can’t be wasted toggling between systems, inputting and exporting data to get the information you need, and determining the affected people you need to communicate with.

Notifying the right people at the right time with the right message during a crisis is very difficult without a unified view of emerging threats and affected parties in your environment. You need to be able to quickly identify key risks and disruption and highlight when and where to activate response strategies immediately.

Fusion’s AlertMedia integration augments Fusion’s native notification capabilities and seamlessly synchronizes data with AlertMedia so you can provide pertinent, immediate updates all from one centralized platform.

When moments matter, Fusion’s AlertMedia integration empowers you to sense changes in your environment before they escalate; communicate time-sensitive information; confirm employee safety with instant, two-way messaging; and ensure delivery with multi-channel notifications. Fusion helps clients connect the dots between what is happening inside and outside of the organization, engage employees and other stakeholders when critical events occur, and mitigate the impact of business disruptions.

Data Synchronization

Bi-directional data synchronization between Fusion and AlertMedia facilitates smarter, faster decisions in the face of disruption with all of the critical information you need in one unified view.

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Streamline Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Leverage real-time, two-way messaging capabilities to connect with key personnel, third parties, and customers in seconds – keeping them safe and informed during crisis events.

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Seamlessly Track Notifications

Track notification data to identify critical gaps in response strategies so you can adapt to evolving circumstances and prevent incidents from escalating to disaster.

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