The Importance of Customer Care at Fusion

Posted on: April 13, 2022
Author: Michelle Linck, Jim (JC) Carroll

Tall TreesCommitment to taking the utmost care of customers and continuously ensuring that their programs are as successful as possible should be the main goals of any organization. At Fusion, we strive to achieve these goals through our customer care concoction: not so magically, but most certainly essentially, consisting of Fusion’s multiple customer-facing teams and programs as well as readily available resources.

Account Management

One of our essential customer-facing teams at Fusion is our Account Management team. From the customer’s very first interaction with their Account Manager, our team has resources available to assist the client throughout every aspect of their journey with Fusion – no matter what the need or topic.

Metaphorically thinking, the Account Manager is the beginning of the “resource tree” – the trunk – establishing the relationship foundation that branches out, with each branch covering a different client need.

At Fusion, the Account Manager remains a constant throughout the client journey, but they are sure to engage other resources as appropriate to enable the client to not only achieve their immediate goals, but also set them up for long-term success – tying back to Fusion’s main goal for our clients.

Wherever the client is at in their program, they can feel confident that there is a team of Fusion professionals ready to take them to the next leg (or branch) of their journey.

Professional Services

Another critical customer-facing team at Fusion is the Professional Services team. Professional Services is typically the first team to engage with the client after our partnership is finalized. Members of the Professional Services team help convert the client’s program requirements and goals into reality.

Professionals Services also provides strategic guidance along the way related to alignment with industry best practices and regulatory guidelines, and they make recommendations that enable the solution to grow with the client.

Although the Professional Services team is first on the scene, they do not disappear once the initial implementation is complete. These Fusion team members come back for repeat performances to assist the customer with product questions and training as well as to enhance or expand their solution when the client is ready to do so.

Customer Success

The Customer Success team, based on its name alone of course, is another vital customer-facing team at Fusion. The Customer Success Manager is the client’s primary point of contact following implementation and serves as the client’s voice within Fusion.

The Customer Success Manager navigates Fusion resources and services on behalf of the client, both saving the client time and expediting responses. They also work with the client to identify strategic opportunities to maximize their investment with Fusion.

ENGAGE Program

Fusion’s focus on the client goes beyond resilience programs and solutions – we are also heavily invested in our clients’ professional growth which we help foster through Fusion’s ENGAGE program, or our customer-only community.

We specifically differentiate our level of commitment to clients and the industry with our ENGAGE program. This program offers Fusion clients multiple forums to connect with others in the Fusion community and share ideas and experiences, program successes, and lessons learned as well as brainstorm solutions to program challenges.

Fusion has a passion for encouraging our clients to connect and share ideas. Pre-pandemic, we hosted in-person Regional User Groups (RUGs) across major cities in the US and UK. Then, when COVID forced us all to work remotely, we pivoted to create our Virtual Community Series which includes an online event that we call the Community Exchange. We began hosting the Community Exchange weekly on Friday mornings in the US, allowing our customers to continue to share insights (just virtually) about current events as they pertain to the risk management landscape. The Community Exchange turned out to be a hit with customers, and in response to their requests, we’ve also added a monthly European Community Exchange that takes place earlier in the day for our EU clients.

These one-hour Community Exchanges have become so popular that Fusion intends to continue to host them even as we start to reintroduce in-person events. These types of virtual gatherings have formed many on-going connections between clients who are now collaborating and sharing ideas outside of the ENGAGE program.

Fusion Global Response Community

Another platform that we recently created is the Fusion Global Response Community. This platform serves as a space where Fusion clients along with other members of the industry can come together and collaborate on concerns and challenges that have surfaced as a result of the situation in Ukraine.

Once word of the invasion made its way across the globe, Fusion resources rallied together immediately to stand up the Fusion Global Response Community. Our employees started sharing content from trusted resources related to global security, people safety and wellness, crisis communications, and critical vendors and supply chain. Because of the value that this platform has provided for our clients, it will remain in place for clients and industry peers to collaborate on other global situations.

Support Team

Fusion’s customer care initiative also heavily relies on our Support team. All the programs mentioned rely on the Support team to help get clients over the little bumps experienced along their journey. Support team members possess the skillsets and expertise to keep these programs on track and address the full spectrum of production questions and issues received from clients on any given day.

Client Escalation Program

In typical Fusion fashion, we took our dedication to resolving client concerns to a whole new level and deployed a unique and effective Client Escalation Program. The Client Escalation Program has been in place for nearly two years and has been a great vehicle for expediting the time to resolution for elevated client concerns.

This program was established to not only address issues quickly, but also to identify systemic issues in need of review to improve the overall client experience.

Customer Care at the Forefront

Fusion’s customer care concoction of multiple customer-facing teams and programs has been the driving force to ensure long-term happiness and success for our clients. The phrase “it takes a village” has been shown when it comes to supporting our clients both as a company and as individuals. When embarking on the Fusion journey, we are there for the ride every step of the way.