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Webinar: Managing Risk from the Front Lines to the Boardroom

Posted on: January 8, 2020
Author: Fusion Risk Management

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Managing Risk
Platforms and supporting tools that claim to help you manage risk often don’t help you see the context and integrated relationships in your environment. This is bound to leave your program with an incomplete picture. The right solution should help you define your organization, your business processes (and other entities), and the operational information that applies to your risk program and view how these elements relate to the risks and controls that are most relevant.

Whether you are tackling enterprise risk, operational risk, vendor risk, site/facility risk or IT risk, the Fusion Framework System provides one common information foundation and the fit-for-purpose solutions needed to assess and manage your risks and controls with dynamic and targeted context. This approach, enabled by a fundamentally agile and integrated risk management platform, provides your program with the solutions needed to communicate effectively, break down organizational silos, and manage risk and resiliency in one system.

Watch this webinar to see how Fusion opens new possibilities to build a risk management framework that flexes to your needs and grows with your top priorities - all in one system - with no modules required for managing different types of risk.