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[Webinar] Business Resiliency Will Become a Competitive Advantage

Posted on: October 7, 2020


Business resiliency will become a competitive advantage
Business resiliency is the ability of an organization to deliver on its vision and brand promise, no matter the crisis. Maintaining operations during unforeseen events takes more than luck: becoming a resilient organization requires a commitment, a plan for building key capabilities across the enterprise, and a program for continuously improving your resilience.

In this webinar, Stephanie Balaouras, VP and Group Director of Forrester Research, will identify and detail the seven pillars of business resiliency and explain how in a post-pandemic world, business resiliency will become a competitive advantage – one that increases growth, profitability, and innovation.

Bob Sibik, Senior VP and Co-Founder of Fusion Risk Management, will discuss the importance of an adaptive workforce, resilient processes, optimized supply chains, and how to effectively manage resilience for your organization.