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Unlocking the Potential – A Firm-Wide and Systemic Approach to Operational Resilience

Posted on: June 28, 2021
Author: Fusion Risk Management

Getting operational resilience right continues to be a challenge for financial firms as their business strategies are faced with operational disruptions, digital transformation, and regulatory shifts.

In this webinar hosted by Risk.net, you will be able to learn about best practices in response to regulatory policy and supervisory guidance and be equipped with practical approaches on how to achieve a mature and robust operational resilience program. You will also find out about an integrated range of activities connected to governance, risk management, and compliance in order to drive business growth.

Key discussion points:

  • Where firms currently are in response to operational resilience and how they’re interpreting/addressing policy and guidance
  • The role of regulatory and supervisory bodies in collaboration with senior management to enhance governance and compliance processes
  • Ways to improve scenario testing and what needs to be done more effectively by the market participants
  • How financial firms are leveraging technology for these challenges and future opportunities