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Leveraging Business Resilience for Your Competitive Advantage

Posted on: December 7, 2022

“Resilient firms dynamically react to a sudden event or crisis regardless of whether they had foreseen it as a risk. These firms understand the specifics of a crisis, already have a practiced response, and use situational awareness during a crisis to actually seek new opportunities. These capabilities are not a coincidence but the result of an effective business resilience foundation.”

Listen to Fusion’s Chief Resilience Innovation Officer, Steve Richardson and guest speaker, Forrester’s Vice President Research Director, Amy DeMartine discuss how your company can effectively leverage resiliency for your competitive advantage. During the webinar, Amy discusses her recent best practice report, “Business Resiliency as a Competitive Advantage,” which includes:
– The seven pillars of business resiliency
– Examples of strong resilience practices
– How to start being intentional about resilience practices

You can find the slide deck from this presentation here.

Business Resilience As A Competitive Advantage

Download the Forrester report this webinar was focused around here!