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Bolstering Third-Party Risk Management Under DORA Regulation

Posted on: August 3, 2023

ICT (information and communication technology) third-party risk management has emerged as a key pillar of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Your third-party vendors are critical in delivering your important business services to your customers, and a successful third-party risk management strategy enables you to continue doing so in the face of disruption.  

In order to achieve compliance with DORA regulation, your organization needs to be able to understand the function that each of your vendors serves as well as the processes, services, and resources associated with each. This analysis will enable you to anticipate the complete impact of an outage and strategize to diminish disruptions to your critical business functions. 

Watch this webinar replay to hear: 

  • How to create a robust third-party risk management strategy that adheres to DORA regulation 
  • Newly published guidelines around third-party risk management  
  • Third-party risk management best practices as you enter into contracts as well as monitor resiliency on a regular basis 
  • How to demonstrate and prove compliance when working with third-party entities 
  • The scope of DORA as it pertains to impacted entities as well as those who do business with them 

You can also find the slides from this presentation here.