Evaluating Business Continuity Management Software

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Madison Littin

Risk and Resilience Analyst

Madison Littin - Fusion Risk Management

Madison has many years of internship/career experience in multiple different fields. Prior to entering the workforce, she did several internships with emergency management agencies for 1.5 years. After graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science from Penn State University, she worked for StormGeo-AWT in data entry and, subsequently, maritime weather forecasting and ship routing for 1.5 years. She also has experience in technical configuration in Salesforce and the risk/business continuity management field.

Wanting to learn more about business continuity and risk management, Madison joined Fusion in early 2020 as an Associate Advisory Consultant before moving to the more technical role of Business Analyst. She is especially proud of the program roadmap she’s created for Fusion’s business continuity management team. Today, she serves as a Risk and Resilience Analyst where she assists with the development of Fusion’s internal risk and business continuity programs.

Aside from work, Madison’s favorite hobby is arts and crafts. From wheel throwing pottery to sewing to DIY projects, she loves exploring new mediums and making gifts for family and friends. She also learned how to play the 12-hole ocarina during the pandemic and can now say that she knows how to play an instrument!