Situational Intelligence Connector

Integrate Situational Intelligence into Your Program

Fusion Connector for Everbridge Risk Intelligence – powered by NC4 enables you to operationalize safety, security, and incident management in the Fusion Framework with incident data. Your organization can effectively associate events with potentially impacted locations, processes, personnel, and other resources. You can formulate a better and quicker response when time is of the essence.


  • View all threats and risks in one system
  • Take action right from the map by utilizing Fusion’s geofencing capabilities
  • Automate alerts for maximum impact
  • Leverage threat information in your analytics
  • Generate after-action reports that include incident details, history, and business impact


  • Improve incident response and management through automated triggers
  • Gain access to actionable information through Everbridge’s Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC) analysts (formerly NC4)
  • Leverage more accurate situational intelligence to cover threats all in one feed
  • Enhance safety and security by communicating important details to your employees

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