IT Service Management Connector

Integrate Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery for Maximum Impact

The Fusion Connector for ServiceNow links the Fusion Framework System with an IT solutions that helps you prepare for recovery processes. The connector combines the strengths of two enterprise systems enabling IT to leverage competencies while benefitting from the broad preparation and execution capabilities of the Fusion Framework System.


  • Automate the continuous synchronization of CMDB data between systems
  • Leverage comprehensive data to visualize dependencies and better understand the effects of impacts
  • Manage simulations, exercises, and recoveries from one system
  • Communicate with all of your teams through cross-platform delivery


  • Reduce administration time through automated data synchronization between systems
  • Reveal insights and drive strategies with a comprehensive location for your data
  • Create more precise and practical outcomes with simulations and recoveries
  • Monitor progress, manage issues, and automate communication and status reporting across the entire business
  • Stronger command of business operations to drive effective strategies and plans

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