Third-Party Management Software

Lower Third-Party Risk Exposure

Keeping up with vendor assessments can be a struggle. When you inefficiently manage vendors, risks become greater. You want to ensure you have up-to-date information on third-parties, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time in your day.

How We Help

The relationships you have with your vendors are critical to your organization. The Fusion Framework® Systemensures that your strategic vendors become a part of your success. Through an integrated portal, third-parties contribute the information you need for an efficient program. Start simply or enhance your mature program with a system that flexes to your needs.

Featured Capabilities

Vendor Portal

  • Respond to questionnaires and assessments
  • Upload documents
  • Automate alerts and reminders
  • Gain participation in incidents, exercises, approvals, and more

Project and Workflow Management

  • Maintain proper ownership of vendor relationships
  • Streamline vendor follow-up and reassessment activities
  • Automate reporting and dashboarding efforts
  • Incorporate more complete vendor risk profiles

Vendor Performance Management

  • Review and score vendor performance
  • Track vendor’s contract expiration and renewal dates
  • Incorporate vendor criticality and risk profiles into reassessment priorities
  • Ensure adherence to third-party risk standards

Find Your Solution

Our combination of products and services will create the perfect solution, tailored to your program. Check out this suggested set of products for the perfect third-party management solution.

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