Gather information faster and streamline processes

Managing information from many internal and external resources has become more and more complex in today’s business environment. Assessing third-party vendors properly is critical to maintaining the standards your customers count on. Your brand and reputation are at stake with each third-party you choose to work with. Simplify third-party and vendor risk management by automating processes and managing all of the pieces in one comprehensive system.

Discover What’s Possible With Fusion

Identify and monitor third parties based on risk classification or assessment risk score.

Set up automated alerts and reminders to keep the process moving along.

Invite third-party contacts and vendors to access a secure portal for self-assessment and task collaboration.

Track and report metrics about third-party management process.

Build standardized, reusable assessment questionnaires for each type of assessment or third party.

Review historical assessments and schedule refresh dates.

Choose Success. Choose Fusion.