Enterprise Risk Management Software

Gain a comprehensive view of risk

Every area of risk management across your organization contributes useful risk information and data that should inform strategic objectives and operations. When you manage risk in silos, it becomes difficult for your organization to properly assess and report risk across the enterprise.

How We Help

The Fusion Framework® Systemcan help you align your strategic objectives to key risk management techniques through flexible and agile tools. You set the appropriate context for how you want to analyze, assess, monitor, and respond to risk. To make informed decisions with intuitive risk-based context, your information and data should be integrated across your business. With Fusion Framework, you will see greater productivity and more impactful risk data as you establish your shared information foundation and program taxonomy.

Featured Capabilities

Enterprise Risk Assessment

  • Identify, assess, and respond to critical risks
  • Store comprehensive historical risk results
  • Track assessment status
  • Determine appropriate response to significant results


Risk Aggregation and Reporting

  • Automatically aggregate risk assessment detail and results
  • Customize and build dashboards tailored to users
  • Share dashboard and reports across the program taxonomy
  • Drive business decisions based on risk exposure and tolerance

Enterprise Issue Management

  • Identify and resolve issues
  • Gain visibility to various actionable items
  • Build detailed action plans
  • Automate and monitor issue submission, review, and approval

The Fusion Solution

Our combination of products and services will create a solution tailored to your program. Check out this suggested set of products for the enterprise risk management solution.

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