Crisis and Incident Management Software

Achieve a More Efficient Recovery

Each situation has its own unique set of circumstances. It is difficult to make impactful decisions when you do not have the right information at your finger tips.

How We Help

The quality of your information will determine the effectiveness of your decisions. The Fusion Framework® Systemprovides users with access to real-time data and a powerful incident command center that is available on every device. Users gain a tailored view of the event as it is happening to ensure the best result every time. It’s time to take complete control of your program.

Featured Capabilities

Incident Command Center

  • View status, issues, and real-time updates
  • Monitor progress against milestones
  • Automate incident activation
  • Drive action from the fusion map

Plan Activation and Execution

  • Activate and orchestrate plans tailored to your situation
  • Monitor and communicate status
  • Build and update plans dynamically during exercises
  • Document issues, tasks, and owners 

After-Action Reporting

  • Generate post-incident reports with a click of a button
  • Queue remediation tasks and manage status
  • Improve plans through information tracked during the event
  • Drive success based on lessons learned

Find Your Solution

Our combination of products and services will create the perfect solution, tailored to your program. Check out this suggested set of products for the perfect crisis and incident management solution.

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